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This Bitch

Part 2



My new mood as of now is evolution BITCH! I really don’t have the time nor the energy to continue to stress over a man who sneaks around and gossips like a BITCH to another woman. Lame as fuck, little dick energy for sure. I’m damn sure not going to continue to be pressed over a bitch who just got divorced from her wife and is looking to lay up with a man who she knows is dealing someone else. It seems a little pathetic to me, but for some strange reason I can't help but to feel sorry for her. She so pretty but yet so weak. It's crazy, she wants him so bad.......shit honestly, she can have his ass, he starting to get on my nerves anyway. Really, I been thinking about cheating so it would probably be a win, win situation for the three of us. I’m still bitter as fuck I got to be real with y’all but evolving takes time so I’m going to continue to feel my emotions instead of trying to act like everything is good over here because it’s not!

Okay, I’m done being shady I just been really sad which has been making me mad because I literally hate feeling like this. I been wishing the absolute worst on this man to the point that I have to beg God to forgive me for my thoughts..... I just know that it will all get better soon. One thing that I’ve taught myself to do is heal on my own. I try not to lay in my fucking sorrows instead I do shit to make myself feel better. I’m really big on journaling as you all can see, this blog is my outlet, I love it. And your bitch just got her a trainer, so this bawdy is going to be REAL snatched REAL soon. That man better stop playing with me! Fuck around hurt your own feelings trying to play me. Y’all I try telling them this is the place to be, don’t fuck up, I’m here now but when I’m gone you be wishing you did shit differently.

When it comes to relationships, I know exactly what I bring to the table. A bitch will have you nourishing your soul, feeling like you can achieve anything, so in tuned with your own being that nothing could interrupt the aura of you spirit. I’m good for his soul, but is he good for mine? That’s the question I continuously ask myself, I believe in forgiveness, and I know that people make mistakes but is this situation truly what I need to be working on? Is he even worth it? How will I know he won’t do the same shit again? I could be spending my time working on me! I don’t want to be with someone who tears me down. Especially while I’m steady building myself up, I feel like someone who is supposed to be your partner should be fucking helping build, y’all feel me. I’m still confused on what I want to do, trying my hardest to like this man again, but it’s been real hard, I’m mad as fuck he made it this way. I’m thinking I would rather just be alone.

Thank You For Reading




-Be more aware and pay attention to how mutha'fuckas move

-If they cheat once they are most likely going to cheat again

-Don't ever feel obligated to make things work if it's just not working for you




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