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Basketball Wives

As I'm lying here awake I finally receive a response from the girl I planned on renting a room from. Shit it's about damn time, but like I said I played a part in this terrible game of miscommunication too so I let it go. Anyway, she explains how she didn't think I was really coming down to Atlanta, but one thing about me If I say I'm going do it, BITCH IMMA DO IT! We finally plan for me to move my things in on Sunday and thankfully this will be before my friend makes it back into town on Monday. I literally had this man's living room looking atrocious. Like on some real shit my things were everywhere which made it even more difficult for me to want to move let alone get dressed. Though I wanted to hang out with Beauty and her friends I wouldn't be mad if she just never hit me up either. Honestly, I was praying she wouldn't.

I guess I didn't pray hard enough because of course as promised I received a text with a time and location to meet for brunch. Oh and of course a bitch still hadn't even hopped her dirty ass in the shower let alone found an outfit to wear yet! It took me about an hour to finally pry through the jungle to find something presentable. I refuse to be the ugly friend out with a group of bad bitches. So you know I had to piece something together. I make it to the location and the line is literally out the door. I called Beauty and she let me know she's running behind. The fact that I arrived 30 minutes later than the arrival time but still managed to beat them there is beyond me. Once everybody finally pulls up about 45 minutes later I am introduced to the other two ladies. One was tall about 5'5 yellow complexion pretty with a welcoming smile, Slim. The other one was shorter, cute in shape, with beautiful lips and pretty brown skin, Shade (pronounced Shaw-dae but this is definitely a double entendre).

We walked into the restaurant and our reservations had been canceled. somehow Beauty was able to get us seats anyway, she is literally the social light/plug. We sat down and I couldn't help but feel real boujie. I have to admit I was excited to finally meet some lady friends. The waitress came over and we gave our orders fast since brunch would be ending soon. What is brunch without mimosas? A drag!!!! We made sure we had our own individual mimosas along with a pitcher to share. Before ordering, Beauty let me know that Shade's man would be paying for our brunch so I didn't have to worry about swiping my card. Oh, how wonderful that made me feel cause y'all know that check from my PA job still hadn't hit yet and your girl was on a tight little budget.

At this moment I am four mimosas in and honestly just observing the vibe of the other ladies it was giving class with a little sass, like Basketball Wives. They seemed very educated with successful careers two of them, both Beauty and Shade with children, Slim being the youngest of the group outside of myself just finished school. All in all the most prominent observation I made was that these ladies were definitely surface-level city girls and I loved that!!!! Cause if we're being honest deep in my heart so was I. I listened to their stories their do's and don'ts (niggas wise) here in Atlanta and I just took it all in like a sponge. I was now hella excited to begin living my single/dreamer life here in the A. By the end of the conversation, the waitress came back over to ask how we would be splitting the bill. It got a little awkward because nobody spoke up. Finally, Shade lets her know that she will be covering the three bills, Beauty's, Slim's, and her own. I'm not sure if my face matched how I was feeling inside but all I know is I was biting the fuck out of my tongue. my foot starts tapping at this point and I am fighting the urge to throw this champagne like they do on Basketball Wives.


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