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After Hours

Okay, so y'all I am officially over it at this point. For starters, I can NOT drink another one of these tequila and pineapples. A bitch stomach is on fire and I know once that begins to happen the night could possibly take a turn for the worst. I am sitting at this bar ALONE, which is fine I mean I do know how to entertain myself but I am just super tired at this point. Mr. DP comes over to speak with me and asks if I am okay. I think about lying but the liquor tells no lies. I let him know that I am sleepy and ready to go home. He laughs and lets me know that he understands as he pulls up the bar chair close to me. I wonder if he heard what I said cause like why are you poppin a squat sir let's get the fuck on!

I roll my eyes as he gets close and looks into mine. Then I forget every annoyed emotion I was feeling previously. OMG he is so fine, we stare at each other then he asks me more about my life. I tell him a little more than was planned because once again the liquor is the devil. After our deep talk about where I'm from, how I miss my family, and chasing my dreams and shit he reaches his hand out to me and we prepare to leave. Before we make sure we say our goodbyes to everyone, including NBA and Beauty. Y'all know it takes black people a whole hour to leave when having to say goodbye, cause they turn into closing conversations. As I said goodbye to Beauty she asked her little questions about where I was from and things of that sort, ending with her inviting me to brunch the following morning, well that same day cause it was going on 4am.

Now this I was excited about because not only do I love, love, LOVE brunch but, I was excited to actually meet other lady friends. I'm such a girls, girl. So now I am in even more of a rush to leave because I have to get sleep to prepare for later and I also am going to be spending hours looking for something else to wear!!! As we approach HotGirl Cherie Mr. DP parks and walks me over to my car. We hug then he opens the door. Of course, we had to have out drawn-out closing conversation before I could leave. I didn't mind it at this point though, the street light was hitting and his eyes were all sparkling and shit. He lets me know how great of a time he had with me, and how he plans to be back in Atlanta soon. This made me excited cause we literally go together already! I told him I would be looking forward to it while using my soft voice and flirty eyes, y'all know how I do. *wink *wink We do our final deep stare and he leans in and.... we kiss.


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