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Hazel Eyes and Hoochie Daddy Shorts

Homegirls: If you've been following my stories I want to first thank you so much. This journey has been absolutely life-changing for me. Like a bitch has been tired but we are still pushing through cause it's nowhere else left to go but up! This past week I was honored to join my girl Ellie on her podcast Entrepreneur- ish. The video can be viewed under the video link on the website. Please go watch the interview like subscribe and share. Thank y'all so much!


Continuing on where we left off......yeah at this moment the energy was real weird. My vibe was off and so was everyone else's at the table. I know this girl heard Beauty include me on the bill before ordering, but you know what I'm just meeting the girl so maybe she didn't want her nigga tricking off on a stranger. Little does she know I'll take her nigga and have him tricking off on me anyway. No, but who knows all I know is I'm a girls girl and if one eats we all eat on HIS dime okay!! Beauty offers to pay for my meal but my balls are way too big to let a bitch play me so I tell her no and pay for my own shit. I definitely appreciated her for offering It made me feel like I wasn't tripping.

As we all depart Beauty tries to make plans to stay outside. I know for damn sure all I want to do is go lay down so I was depending on the other ladies to say no to cancel this whole entire plan. They definitely did turn down the plans but for some odd reason, I still ended up agreeing to go out with her. Maybe it was the mimosas in my system or something. We decide to go our separate ways to change for the night then meet up to go to a day party at Whiskey Mistress. This was some lit bar/lounge in Buckhead. At this moment I am mad as fuck at myself because like why did I even agree to go! This is my third time digging through bags of clothes looking for outfits to wear. It was actually getting pretty annoying. I made sure I didn't lie down because there would be no me and Whiskey if I did.

I decided to drive up to the bar for several reasons. Uber was not in the budget, and you know a bitch likes to go when she's ready to go! When I pull up it was absolutely packed the fuck out. My anxiety starts kicking in cause I really hate large crowds of people, I get social anxiety real bad. To top it off of course there was nowhere to park. Atlanta is definitely a scam. I ended up parking at a plaza located across the street from the bar and walk to the entrance. Beauty meets me and she is with two tall men. One with hoochie daddy shorts on caramel complexion and hazel eyes. The other, brown a little thicker with a mini fro going on. We greet each other and walk directly to the front of the line. I'm not playing when I say Beauty is the plug I mean we to the front of the line of every function with her ass. We get in for free and walk straight back to the bar of course. I get my signature tequila and pineapple. The one with hoochie daddy shorts buys it. As we continue exploring and making our way through the crowd I'm trying to figure out the dynamic of Beauty's relationship with the two men. Not going to lie Hazel Eyes is looking fine but I already know the girl code so I just watch.

The guys end up going their separate ways and me and Beauty do our own thing. At this point, I know she is definitely friends with the other niggas. We were getting drinks left and right from these old sugar daddies. My ass kept taking them and throwing them away because first off who made this drink sir? Second I had to drive back and I was not up to getting a DUI my first week living in Atlanta. Beauty for sure had no problem indulging. I mean she was grown and good thing she had me out with her cause y'all know I am always the overprotective friend. After a while, I grew sick of being out. I can tell Beauty didn't feel the same way. How people party all day is beyond me like we have literally been out since 3 pm! Anyway while she flirts I am accompanied by the boys who finally make their way back over to us. I found out that they were brothers and that it was the brown-skinned one's birthday. I end up convincing him to get hammered. I could tell he was taking a liking to me but I was too busy looking at his brother. Both of them were from Georgia but the birthday boy currently resided in Colorado- so this is what we're going to call him. I still haven't thought of a good name for the other one yet but at this moment Colorado is definitely plastered, Beauty is doing her thing being the social lite she is and I am here chopping it up with the boy with the hazel eyes and hoocie daddy shorts.


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I hope you enjoyed yourself and are ready for more that's soon to come. You will be seeing me again REAL SOON!  Make sure you subscribe to receive messages for when the next story will be posted. Until next time BAD BITCHES .


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