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Dear HomeGirls


Friday July 8, 2022

Dear HomeGirls

My HomeGirls, my chicas, my bitches long time no talk to. I'm fake as fuck I know but I need for y'all to understand I have been working! Like workin, workin, workin and I have been so busy and tired all that stuff. Though that's no excuse the last thing I need is for y'all to feel like I've been neglecting you. That is not my intention at all I promise, I can not wait until this series is finally brought to life so that you guys can fully understand. Until then I will be peeking back in, back and forth.

I am currently at work working on this work, my work and all the other shit I've been getting done. Don't think I am complaining because even though my ass has been exhausted I am super excited for what's soon to come. I actually enjoy being busy too. it's literally the best excuse in the book. "Hey Lulu can you come to this trip with me?" "Sorry I can't, I have acting bootcamp." "Lulu you want to go out to eat this weekend?" "No I can't I have tables reads." I swear this is the best thing ever cause I'M BUSY *Karina voice. I've also been on my budgeting shit super hard. I'm only spending money if it pertains to film and networking cause that's just the shit that I'm on.

All in all I have not been this happy in a while. Lost Girl is finally coming together and it will be absolutely perfect , just like I've been envisioning it. I've been manifesting, fundraising and only allowing genuine people around me! I'm getting better with standing tall on my boundaries so I haven't had any drama or mess in my life in a while, just how I like it. I love y'all and welcome to all my new subscribers you will not regret coming here, this is the mutha fuckin place to be!




Stand tall on your boundaries!

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Dear HomeGirls

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Dear HomeGirls

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Jamila Rogers
Jamila Rogers
Jul 09, 2022

I am so proud of you babe! I love it keep that shit up!! #UNSTOPPABLE #WORKINGWOMEN


It’s up you‘ve been working hard behind the scenes stay focused. All that shit will be there and you’ll be proud to have a reason worth celebrating.


Hey HomeGirl Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you enjoyed yourself and are ready for more that's soon to come. You will be seeing me again REAL SOON!  Make sure you subscribe to receive messages for when the next story will be posted. Until next time BAD BITCHES .


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