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The New Lu (RockStar Lu)



They ask me "Lu what is one of your biggest projects you've been working on lately? My response...ME! Let me tell y'all it has been a lot of hard work for sure. I find myself so wrapped up in other people's shit that I tend to neglect ME, MY PROBLEMS, MY SHIT. it might sound crazy but honestly, it's difficult as hell for me to put myself before others. Like I constantly find myself sacrificing my priorities and happiness in order to make others happy. Terrible I know! Like bitch where is your backbone? I don't even know when I became such a people pleaser but when I say I'm done with that shit y'all...I mean I AM DONE WITH THAT SHIT!


Lately I’ve been feeling like I'm progressively making strides in the right direction.I’m understanding of the fact that everybody isn’t able to come along with you on your journey. I am also a firm believer that those who are meant to be in your life will make their way back. Right now, in this moment I'M HERE FOR ME! No more distractions, all fears and self-doubt pushed aside. Instead of worrying about negativity and judgement I’m going to focus on educating those who don’t necessarily have the same view as myself. I am also working on how I judge others, no more wasting time with gossip about dumb shit that holds no weight in my life, I’m having a complete mental detox. Growth is the primary goal and I am going to continue nourishing my soul, so I am to Blossom.

This year alone has taught me so many life lessons. I mean I've lost friends, jobs, my mind. Not kidding it's like one day I'm trusting the process and the next I'm crying myself to sleep because honestly how am I going to do this? How am I going to build this brand? Like why would people really fuck with me? I really quit nursing school to be a famous screenwriter? Like bitch are you crazy? Is this even attainable? You not Issa Rae! (love her) You right I'm not ,I'm Lauren Nicole Scott and one thing for sure two things for certain if I want something It's already mine. Aint no why me, why not me is the real question? It's taken some time really figuring out who the fuck I am. BUT I'M HERE NOW SIS! To be honest like y'all don't even understand, in the most humble way...naw fuck being humble truthfully I'm THEE SHIT, like...*smacks lips raw as fuck. Like IT'S ME, I'M HER, I'M IT, I'M SHE, I am coming for everything I want! Y'all like "this cocky ass bitch". Understand though, really hear me out It took self loathing, isolation, discipline, sacrifice, cutting people off, and hella focus for me to get to this point. it's so scary because i'm really in my bag and there is no stopping me bitch! You know what It feels so great to finally know who THE FUCK I am!


Thank You For Reading





Go after your dreams and be unapologetic about it !

Don't be afraid to put yourself first, though being selfless is a great trait to possess you still need to make sure you are able to nourish you!

Claim everything that's yours

Never Settle for less than what you deserve

You the SHIT, so talk yo SHIT


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