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The Dreamy Producer

Part 2

So as soon as I walk into the restaurant I take off to the bathroom. Ya girl had to ensure she was looking right before I sat across from Mr. Dreamy Producer. Hair was on point, outfit was mid but cute casual ya know cute nude leggings with that matching top that showed off this bawdy *wink wink.

I left the restroom and as I glanced around the restaurant my eyeballs came across my girl, she had a huge grin on her face. I mean she smiled often from what I experienced while working with her but it was something about this smile that let me know she was up to something. I sat down and I finally introduced myself to this handsome devil. Well, actually she introduced us and seemed pretty eager about it. We shook hands and my legs went limp. I'm happy as fuck that the chair was behind my ass or else your girl would've been on that restaurant floor. Y'all think I'm dramatic, I mean I am, but really this man was fine. Like on some real shit this man looked the fuck goodt. Straight white teeth, big brown eyes, built demeanor with broad shoulders, and to top it off the man had a little country twang. Now let me tell y'all when I say I love me an accent. ESPECIALLY a county one. Whew, I damn near melted. As I continued to fall apart inside I knew I had to play it cool exteriorly. I mean he could not know how fine I thought he was. Key advice from your HomeGirl always keep it cute!

We ordered our food which was on his dime btw *HA ha Ha and while we waited my girl continued to ask us both questions. She was asking me the questions she already knew the answers to because I answered them upon our meeting. She was not slick she was trying to set us up! I knew it but I'm not going to fake like I didn't secretly love that she was trying to. Mr. DP was from the Midwest like myself. You know this sparked a conversation that led to a couple of flirty debates and us both laughing and smiling at each other. I can see in his eyes that the feelings were definitely mutual. I mean who could resist me, no I kidding, or am I? Anyway oh, and to top it off the nigga was single!!! You know my girl had to make a point to mention that as we ate our boiler bags. Ugh love her.

On our way out Mr. DP let me know how long he would be in town before leaving. He gave me some advice and stressed how important it was to go out and network. In this industry, it's always ALWAYS who you know! I mean I wanted to go out I explained but I didn't have anyone to go out with or even. know where to go. This is what I told him not ready for the next question he asked. He was meeting up with his friend who was going to some party and he asked me to accompany him. I froze for a minute because not only was I tired, but I still had to drive an hour to take my girl home, and yeah I am currently homeless living from boxes at my friend's house that I had to be out of in a couple days so there's the issue. I couldn't tell anybody that so I was searching for something to say but before I could mutter another fucking word he was told, "She will be there." So I guess I was going to be there.


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