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The Dreamy Producer

Part 1

So it's my last day working as a production assistant with this company and if y'all were wondering if I ever got any of that action I prayed for, the answer is NO! My tasks for the day are as follows:

  1. To meet up with the second producer to pick up the talent.

  2. Make sure I take her to get some food to eat.

  3. Take her back to the hotel to gather her belongings.

  4. Make the final drop-off of the project.

Yeah so basically this is my last day as a personal driver. Okay, okay let me stop complaining. I am very grateful for the opportunity; my homegirl was cool and sweet which made the job fun and outside of the fact that I hate driving it was not bad at all. I guess my plan was to be able to meet other producers, you know work my charm so that I would be able to ricochet into another film opportunity directly after this one. Ugh, * rolls eyes but I am not in control here, the universe is. Anyway, I arrive to meet up and pick up my girl, I am about 15 minutes early so I give them a little leadway. About 20 minutes go by and I realize that nobody is pulling up. So me being the sharp-witted bitch that I am, called the first producer to check to see what was going on. Of course, she didn't answer, so I sat my ass there patiently. A couple more minutes flew by when an unfamiliar incoming call stretched across my phone screen. I answered and it was the second producer. His voice was smooth and full of life with a little country twang, there was a change of plans. He asks for me to meet him and the talent at the Juicy Crab restaurant where we will be eating lunch before departure. I'm not mad though because one thing I needed was some food in my system.

Here I go set off to my next destination, which wasn't so far just about 15 minutes up the street. I pulled in and I called to let the producer know I was there. I hop out the car and I spot the vehicle he said that he would be in. I walk towards the car and I am instantly greeted with a big smile. I wasn't close enough to see his face (I left my glasses in one of my bags at the house) but from where I was standing this man was looking mighty fine. I needed a closer look for sure. They exit the car and when I tell you I damn near melt. I mean my 10/20 vision did not deceive me at all today. This man was definitely hand-crafted by god himself. Like he literally took his time with this man. It's looking like I may be getting the action I wanted after all!


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