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That Escalated Quickly

Part 2

So here I am standing outside BP pumping the gas that "I" paid for. When this random nigga comes from behind the post to talk. I was wondering why this man was so close to me, he reached his hand out I'm guessing to shake my hand. But y'all know I don't like being touched by strangers. He really should've been reaching for this damn pump because why are you over here in my face and not pumping my mutha' fucking gas!!! Neither here nor there I give him the rock to hit, he chuckles, then tells me his name and occupation. He's a scammer. So now my ass is making sure I'm holding my card tight, hoping he didn't get a glimpse of anything going on over here. The last thing I needed was to get scammed for the little money I did have left. I mean he would be real disappointed trying to scam me anyway! The nigga was BOLD cause you don't know me from a can of paint, but you telling me you a scammer. That's not safe or smart, I told him this in real life. He laughed again and I did a little chuckle too. I don't judge do you as long as you not bothering me I'm good. Shidd I guess they call it ScamLanta for a reason. Anyway, If y'all are wondering if I gave the man my number the answer is yes, yes I did. I blocked it as soon as I got back into the car. Why? Well because I really couldn't get over the fact that I had to stand outside to pump my gas! That shit is preposterous.

Now here I go set on my way to pick up the talent. I am currently working as a production assistant at the moment. So this means I am basically the flunky for all the cast and crew. Hear me out though y'all I'm not complaining because this is what I want. Experience and connections and here was the starting point to just that. After driving about an hour in lord knows what direction I make it to the talent's home. I was told to give her a call take her to get something to eat and bring her onto set. Easy and simple right? Nope of course she didn't answer. By the seventh call, I had no clue what the fuck to do! I just know I better not have made this hour drive for no fucking reason. I give the coordinator a call and she works her magic. BOOM! The girl comes out quick and in a hurry. I take her to get some snacks and finally drop her off at her designated location. My directions were to remain in the vehicle. I'm not going to lie I was pissed about this because I really wanted in on the film action. But I did as I was told like a good little flunky bitch. *rolls eyes After waiting for about 20 minutes the coordinator came to my car to let me know my day was concluded. I was SUPER pissed now I'm not gone lie to y'all. All my ass did was DRIVE!!!!! I hate driving! Like where is the PAZAZZ, the ACTION I didn't even get to see a fucking camera! *sigh Everything's peachy though cause I'll be back for the next five days, and by then I will be sure to get some excitement even if I had to force it.

Tune in for more next week

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