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Thursday June 9, 2022

Dear HomeGirls

Today was cool I don't know why but I've been in a little funk lately. It might be the whether or the pollen I can't put a finger on it. I had my first virtual cast meeting today and it was nothing less than amazing. It excites me that "Lost Girl"is finally coming to life. Pre-production is coming up real soon! Oh and just so you all know I am still fundraising so I'm going to make sure I add the link below just in case any of my HomeGirls are being generous*wink *wink.

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Hey HomeGirl Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you enjoyed yourself and are ready for more that's soon to come. You will be seeing me again REAL SOON!  Make sure you subscribe to receive messages for when the next story will be posted. Until next time BAD BITCHES .


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