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Holiday Bar

Part 2

After a 25-minute car ride that turned into an almost 40-minute car ride (nobody in Georgia can drive it's actually annoying as fuck) I arrived at my destination. I called Mr. DP and he told me to meet him inside the bar. Shit at that moment I was about to turn back around and leave because why aren't you meeting me at my car sir? I don't know so of course a bitch spoke her mind and he met me at my vehicle. I'm never going to change when it comes to certain morals and boundaries *wink *wink.

He walks up to Hotgirl Cherie and I open the car door. Danm this man looked even fawner outside of his work clothes LAWD!!!! We hugged and I know he got a whiff of my Be My Honey body oil mixed with my YSL perfume. He took a deep breath in and I already knew what was up, some may feel like a nigga smelling them might be weird as fuck. I mean it is but me, I liked it mainly because I knew I smelling deliciously edible. He gone remember my scent. Okay, okay I quit. Y'all like bitch you are taking it way too far... fight me!

We walk into the beautifully eccentric bar together. It was lit up with colorful fluorescent lights and had flowers hanging from the ceilings and on the walls. It was so cute definitely what I like. The crowd was grown and sexy but it was super packed in there. We could barely move in this small space. I asked him what the occasion was since everyone was dressed so nicely. He let me know it was some girl's birthday and a lot of the people were out to celebrate her. I was so underdressed but I was here I guess that was all that mattered. He then introduced me to his friend who was a pilot, along with his other friend who was the producer for the NBA broadcasting channel. He was accompanied by a tall 5'6 woman literally so gorgeous, she gave an Ethiopian model-esk vibe and her smile lit up the room. She was definitely the main attraction there for sure. It happened to be her friend's party.

Now at this point, I am sipping on my patron and pineapple just scoping out the room. All while Mr. DP was working the room and looking great doing it. Oh now this man was a social butterfly, I was not going to continue following behind like his fucking flunky I did enough of that at work, so I sat down. 2.5 seconds go by and he's signaling me over to meet everybody. Ugh, my ass shouldn't have made eye contact but I couldn't help it. He introduced me to some more people along with NBA's girl, who we are going to call Beauty for confidential purposes. She greeted me with a smile and let the guys know that they were headed out. I was excited because if they were leaving that meant the party was over and lord knows I was so ready to hit the fucking hay. We walk outside and lo and behold there was another location on the agenda *rolls eyes. Call me a grandma I don't care it was literally 2:00 in the morning like, why are we still kicking it? Atlanta really is another city that doesn't sleep! So here I go hopping my little ass in Mr. DP's car as we follow the crowd to the next bar.


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