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Holiday Bar

Part 1

Y'all want to know what's worse than not having anything to wear? Digging through the little clothes you do have and not being able to find the one outfit you planned in your head to wear! This was fucking terrible, I was literally throwing boxes and bags all around looking for my cute see-through black body suit to wear with my black wax jeans. Of course, they were nowhere to be found *ah ha, and of course, I was already 20 minutes behind schedule. I told myself before moving to Atlanta that I was going to work on being more punctual. Like how would I ever expect to hold a real career arriving late all the damn time? Honestly, I would rather arrive late than ugly, so I will give myself grace.

So Mr. DP was on his way to the Holiday Bar while I sat on my friend's couch with nothing on but a towel. At this point, ya bitch is ready to just cancel because everything I had to wear was absolutely hideous. I opened our text thread when an incoming call made its way through. Fuck! It was him I answered trying to hide the anxiety in my voice. He asked If I was ready, and of course, I lied to him. As much as I wanted to stay in and get my life together, some form of energy was just compelling me to go. Or maybe it was just his fine ass neither here nor there I hung up and ended up finding something really simple to put on. A black body suit, spandex leggings that had this ass looking ripe and right, my cute black half jacket with gold accessories. You can never go wrong when wearing all black.

Almost 45 minutes later I set out to meet my man (don't judge me, I speak shit into existence). I didn't even take the traffic into account. I mean it wasn't that far but I wouldn't be arriving for another 25 minutes. As soon as I put on my driving glasses on, another incoming call stretches across my phone. Guess who? He called wondering where I was. This time I was honest with him, I told him all about my wardrobe crisis and that I was now en route, praying that this nigga doesn't look a mess outside his work clothes!

Stay Tuned for part 2 next week.

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