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Dear HomeGirls



I've been thinking long and hard and I have came to the conclusion that it is time for me to turn shit up a little. Nawl actually ALOT! I need to hit the gas on this writing shit because honestly I have been working hella hard and I feel all this momentum building up. So it's only right for me to keep all my HomeGirls posted, and for my homeboys this is for y'all too. I've decided to begin logging and blogging daily. I mean my life isn't super exciting but I swear there's never a dull moment in the day of the life of LuMoney. So here it is people Dear HomeGirls, I hope you all enjoy my shit talking and daily complaints followed by some real moments to where I have felt the most vulnerable and beautiful moments with the wonderful people around me.


Tuesday April 26, 2022

Dear HomeGirls,

So as I sit here and struggle to remain focused on what I need to get done for Lost Girl, I can not stop thinking about how wonderful the past week has been for me. As a creative I feel like I have finally found my crowd of people. That shit literally excites me, like chills down my spine. I have been around the most kind hearted, hard working individuals. Ones who are motivated and keep me on my shit as well. I met with my friend Mel the other day, she told me I needed to get my lazy ass up and write more blogs. I sat in her face and told her I would be posting that night but instead my ass never got around to do it after leaving my date. But today I was on it! Better late than ever and here it is, I am finally writing and this is not going to be anything temporary. I promise to check in with you all everyday, whether I post a poem, a picture, a video, hey, or goodnight, I am going to be on this bitch!

I still am having a hard time posting on the media consistently I tend to sometimes get off track with life shit. I am pretty sure I have shared in prior posts how men are my weakness so there's another thing other than working for corporate America in order to pay my bills, that adds to my list of distractions. I really came to the realization that I need a break from men and women, just everybody who are going to keep me from my work. I promise you there is really NOTHING more important to me than my projects. Lost Girl and HomeGirls are literally my children and I will do everything in my power to help my baby grow and thrive in this ghetto ass world. Alright y'all so thats all for tonight I am sleepy as hell, I will be back tomorrow.



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Hey HomeGirl Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you enjoyed yourself and are ready for more that's soon to come. You will be seeing me again REAL SOON!  Make sure you subscribe to receive messages for when the next story will be posted. Until next time BAD BITCHES .


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