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Cleveland to Atlanta


Y'all it's official I am finally here!! Now I know it's been a while, shit honestly I don't even remember the last conversation we had together. That's sad as fuck I know. I owe it to y'all I really do so today I'm going to catch y'all ALL THE WAY UP!! I have made a drastic change in my life. literally uprooted and brought my little teeny bopper ass to Atlanta. You like what bitch? Why Atlanta? Well the answer is for film. I know I told you all before my hope, dream and desire is to be a famous screenwriter/ producer. Atlanta being one out of three major productions hubs I thought it would be a great idea for me to migrate here to gain experience and connections. SO YA BITCH IS HERE! Currently I am living very below lux, but I am still hella grateful. I figured I would be a little uncomfortable for a little while once I got here. I never imagined how uneasy and anxious it would make me feel. Now y'all know I'm a surface level boujee bitch. Meaning I enjoy having my appointments every two weeks, nails, hair, wax etc.. I like to shop and do brunch from time to time you feel me, but since arriving here my ass has been on a total cleanse of everything I love to do. Though it's a tad bit depressing I am keeping the end goal in mind so these sacrifices have to be made.

The first day I arrived I was woking on a set with MTV. This was super exciting for me, to start working as a set production assistant. I gained a couple connects and hopefully will be able to work for them again. A lot of these film jobs tend to be temporary gigs so although working those days gained me some experience, I didn't make enough to pay my damn rent. So what I do y'all? I set out to apply for more jobs within film that's what the fuck I did! My ass still has yet to find one * rolling eyes real slow. As I continue to be patient I know that I will have to temporarily work a job so that I'm able to save not only for my rent and bills but for these projects I am trying to bring to life. I want to be very intentional but I will say it is hard to find genuine people in this world but we knew that.

Shit I've been thinking about saying fuck it and finding me a sugar daddy but I'm not down to give up no sugar so that won't work * shrugs. Neither here nor there I have ran across a couple people who work in the industry. Though I have their contact information I am not sure exactly what they do within film. I know i'm a little slow it's just hard for me to connect with people at times because my energy is so easily drained. Don't come for me I know it's time for me to boss the fuck up so i'm going to work on it. Any way I met a couple bullshit artists too. Niggas who just want to take away your time with personal plans of destroying. I am making this shit very clear, I DO NOT NEED HELP FROM NOBODY if it's going to cost me my time, energy, pussy and soul! I only want genuine friends, go getter friends, film friends , and maybe a couple silent donators das it!



RIH Auntie Crystal

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Hey HomeGirl Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you enjoyed yourself and are ready for more that's soon to come. You will be seeing me again REAL SOON!  Make sure you subscribe to receive messages for when the next story will be posted. Until next time BAD BITCHES .


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