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Bitter Sweet


HomeGirls: Y'all know I always get to talking about this emotional rollercoaster I been on. Please don't read and get to judging me about being sad about my breakup. I get tired of that shit, I am allowing myself time to heal. Shit Pablo Picasso had a whole depression period for years where he created most of his phenomenal work of art all done in the color blue.(blue period) This blog is my art, my writing is my art so I'm going to continue to create and y'all gone know how I feel! I have been enjoying life, embracing the beauty and accepting what the reality of things are. I guess it's naive of me to see good in everybody because there are some people who just don't have any good in them. I typically allow people the grace and patience to grow but in this world its no point of having hope or trust in people. well at least that's the type of advice I've been receiving. I'm tired of bitter bitches and I am tired of being a bitter bitch. I do not want for this shitty world full of shitty people turn me into one of them. I really do hope to attract genuine people into my life. THAT'S IT, THATS ALL!



I feel like everything has been aligning for me as far as my clarity while on my career path. In my life I have never been more confident or sure about anything as I am now about wanting to be a screenwriter. My projects are coming together, I have found a solid team, and I am super excited for what is soon to come!


I have been hella sad lately and just super frustrated. I know y'all are tired of hearing about my ex. I am honestly tired of thinking about him too. I feel like I am still mourning the loss of a soulmate. It's crazy when you finally see a person for who they truly are and it's a completely different vision from who they portrayed to be. I am a firm believer of soul ties and I honestly wish that this man could be wiped from my thoughts and I am literally ready to disconnect from all the memories and false hope. This shit has been driving me nuts.


My work has been my distraction from anything that is negative and disturbing. I have been using my writing to block out all of the negative people and energy that try to enter into my life. Oh and your HomeGirl has been reading lately. You like BITCH SO WHAT! No but hear me out A bitch never had the time nor the attention span to actually pick up and finish a book. So this is actually an accomplishment for me because I've been gaining a lot of insight from some of these great reads. I highly recommend reading "You're A Badass" by Jen Sincero.


FUCK ALL OF THESES NIGGAS! I am giving up on all of them for now. I'm mad because I feel like I am unable to be open with people because every-time I give somebody a chance it's always some sort of snake shit done to me. I'm not playing the victim it's just how it's been played out lately.


I literally love, love I've been meeting good people which help for me to feel that there are actually genuine human beings in this world.


I'm sick of being in my punk ass feelings though. I've been keeping a distance from people who don't care like how I do, or give me solid healthy advice. I have never been the type to suppress how I feel. I'm not going to be fake and act hard like my ass don't be sad in order to save face. I mean I am going to keep it pushing for sure, but I definitely am not going to stop working.


I like the career that I have chosen because it has allowed me to be able to channel all these emotions and feelings and bring transform them into scenic visuals for everyone to see. Hopefully you all are able to gain lessons and healing from these stories.



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I hope you enjoyed yourself and are ready for more that's soon to come. You will be seeing me again REAL SOON!  Make sure you subscribe to receive messages for when the next story will be posted. Until next time BAD BITCHES .


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