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Back in my shell

Here I go again with the bullshit. Gone head and call me nigga crazy y'all I light way am. But nothing too extreme I literally just love, love and I'm just sitting here waiting for my person. Well I'm not sitting cause your bitch will be up through and that is for damn sure! I get so caught up in the idea of people that I typically neglect my feelings. One thing I refuse to do is drop everything I worked so hard to instill inside myself. I am definitely an empath we talked about this before so y'all know me. I feel like I overly feel others. I might sound like a know it all but I will say I know exactly what a man would need from me. I also know what I bring to the table, but y'all I am tired of dating. I'm just ready to dive into my work, I feel like I be worrying about the wrong shit!

I have my own issues but I'm up here worried about a man and his feelings while he up here ignoring me. I think the fuck not! I mean he's probably not use to nobody caring and I know he's out her hustling trying to get his shit together. See and these are the excuses I tend to make for people though. I mean he might be stressed, he might be sad but it's just like what about me? The last thing I need is to be dealing with someone who could careless about how I am feeling. Especially because I be so fixated on making sure the people I care about the most are good, physically and mentally. I know hurt people hurt people but I mean I don't know. Maybe I just like a project but I don't know If I should be patient because I know what it is or if I should be patient cause I really do care. It's just I'm scared to get the short end of the stick this time around.

Y'all I think this is it, my boundaries are kicking in. I can't be able to focus so much on understanding others. My ass is never understood by any of these niggas. I'm super tired and I need this energy for me. I need my mind right, I have to help my mom, I have to break into this industry, I'm trying to move. This love shit is just not for me at the moment I guess, I'm over opening up, no you can't meet my family, no we can't kick it, I am not interested.

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